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Tone Freak Effects™ builds boutique guitar effects pedals. I won’t lather on about how we’ve somehow revolutionized the guitar effects industry because we haven’t. Tone Freak Effects™ simply builds effects pedals that inspire guitarists to play.

You won’t hear anything about how I alone designed everything. I relied on feedback from a great number of talented friends ever since Tone Freak Effects™ started back in 2007. Brian Oaks, Shawn Tubbs, Dave Friedman, Jeff Schroeder and many more talented guitarists have offered their ears to help tweak the circuits into something familiar yet giving them more than what the standard mass produced guitar effects pedals could not. Even the placement of the hardware on the enclosure came from suggestions of customers and clients. 

And don’t forget guys like Jack Orman and R. G. Keen who really paved the way for builders like me. I listen to the circuit and clients, and then I build. No, Tone Freak Effects would not exist without a lot of help.


A day does not pass that I don’t realize how fortunate and lucky I am that guitarists like John Shanks, Steve Stevens, Dave Kuening, Peter Thorn, Jerry Cantrell, Richie Sambora, Phil Keaggy, and a host of other talented artists have used Tone Freak Effects™ products. At times, it’s hard to believe, and yet it’s not because the result of what I do comes from a huge amount of support and talent from my customers and friends.

I'm located in West Los Angeles, California, which is close to the North Hollywood area where many talented guitarists hone their craft playing gigs at The Viper Room, Whiskey A Go Go, The Rainbow Room, The Troubadour, Lucky Strike Live and The Roxy. And let's not forget The Baked Potato where I've seen long time veterans like Steve Lukather, Mike Landau, Michael Thompson, Toshi Yanagi, and many others stretch-out their playing. These are the stomping grounds for the inspirations I place into my creations.

Just listen and look at any of the Tone Freak Effects™ guitar effects pedals and you will know everything about Tone Freak Effects™.


The real Abunai

The real Abunai

Tone Freak Effects simply builds effects pedals that inspire guitarists to play.