The artists on this page all have an internal fire that drives them to create music. I feel very fortunate that these artists have included Tone Freak Effects pedals as part of that inspiration.

These artists have their choice of any number of guitar effects pedals on the market, yet they have gravitated towards Tone Freak Effects to be a key part of their personal tone.

On the road, at a gig, in a studio, or at home, Tone Freak Effects is there to support these artists' desire to create.

Mike McGraw - Tinker City Music

Ryan Hamilton - SHVPES

Jerry Cantrell - Alice In Chains

Jeff Schroeder - The Smashing Pumpkins

Nalle Colt - Vintage Trouble

Brent Simmons - Friedman Amplification

Tom Dumont - No Doubt

Mike McCready - Pearl Jam

John Shanks - Grammy Award Winning Producer

Jonny Wickersham - Social Distortion

Pete Thorn - Solo, Melissa Etheridge, Don Henley

Brian Oaks - Nashville Session

Greg Howe - Solo

Ron Robinson - Amy Grant, Vince Gill

Shawn Tubbs - Carrie Underwood, Solo

Bob Hartry - LA Session, Producer, Writer

Corky James - Babyface, Glen Ballard

Mark Goldenberg - Solo, Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, Peter Frampton

John Czjakowski - Hectic Watermelon

Hunter Harrison - Atlanta Session

Scott Eric Olivier (Casa Distortion) - Multi-Instrumentalist, Producer, Recording Engineer, and more for Michael Jackson, Gwen Stefani, Goo Goo Dolls, Chris Cornell and many more artists.

Peter Charell - Trapt

Dave Keuning - The Killers

Mat Robins - Cicadastone

Mark Robins - Cicadastone

Ray Toro - My Chemical Romance

Rich Robinson - The Black Crowes

Michael Lockwood - Lisa Marie Presley, Solo

Randy Speedlove - President of Music Paramount Pictures

Richie Sambora - Bon Jovi

Phil Keaggy - Solo

Steve Stevens - Billy Idol, Solo

Chris Rodriguez - Keith Urban, Amy Grant, Kenny Loggins

Chis Nix - Nashville Session, The Power Triplets

Jamie Kime - Dweezel Zappa, Solo

Carl Burnett - David Sandborn, Branford Marsalis

George Pajon Jr. - Black Eyed Peas

Oliver Leiber - Producer, Composer, 

Dave Gallaher - Microwave Dave