Tone Freak Pedal Tour Participants

  1. Matt Valencia, Albuquerque, NM (Done)
  2. Mike Kobayashi, Gardena, CA (Done)
  3. Andy Most, Hermitage, TN (Done)
  4. David Peckinpaugh, Atlanta, MI (Done)
  5. Robert Smith, Platteville, WI (Done)
  6. Alex Clay, Petersburg, VA (Done)
  7. Nathan Ohmart, Edmond, OK (Done)
  8. Jesse Limerick, King George, VA (Done)
  9. Mike Muscarella, Farmington, NY
  10. PJ Labinski, Burbank, CA
  11. Mike Petrich, Richmond, CA
  12. David Lesl, Asheville, NC
  13. Cindy Castelli, Sterling Heights, MI
  14. Jimmy Cupo, Clifton, NJ
  15. Mark Smith, Mission Viejo, CA
  16. Chris Juliani, Brooklyn, NY
  17. Jason Richardson, Melbourne, FL

the Details

The only true way to test a piece of gear is with your personal rig. Tone Freak Effects created the Pedal Tour to help guitarists decide whether or not our pedals satisfy the pursuit of finding your voice.

Here's how it works.

  • I will ship the Abunai X and Fuzz Buzz to the first recipient on the list.

  • Tour participants will pay for the cost of shipping between each other.

  • You will have exactly 7 days to try the pedals, after which you ship the pedal to the next participant.

  • Participants need to email me at to get the name and address of the next person in line.

  • If the pedals get lost or stolen, the tour immediately ends.

  • If the pedals get damaged during the tour, ship the pedals to me for repair and then I will send them back out on tour.

To become a participant, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page. Participants will get added to the list in the order the information was received.  You need a reliable Facebook reference.  I will be checking every submission. Any submissions missing information will not be considered. The information you provide will NOT be used for any purpose other than activity surrounding the Pedal Tour.  City and State of the pedals' current location will be used in the map below.  Your Street Address will not be used.

I encourage everyone to create their own YouTube videos, take a lot pictures or write reviews about the tour pedals. Post on facebook, twitter, instagram and more!  Please do let me know, so that I can document the journey.

But most of all, the Tone Freak Effects Pedal Tour was designed for everyone to have fun! Enjoy!