I’m tired.  You see, my dog, Willie, has really long hair during the winter to keep him warm.  However, this means he has long hair all over, even around his rear end.  The problem comes into play when he has a particularly sticky bowel movement, which then binds to the hair around his butt.  So, this morning about 5 am, Willie comes in through his doggy door and starts to lick himself. I get a scent of what he’s was trying to clean-up and fly out of bed thinking that he’s about to take a poop in the house. To be honest, I wish it was that because it would have been a much easier to clean.

So instead of waking-up to the sight of my dog squatting, I catch the sight of him trying to lick himself clean… much worse.  I walk him over to the bathroom and attempt scrape off the poop from his hair, but the baby wipes were not getting the job done.  I must have used half the container before realizing I needed to give Willie a bath... at 5 am in the morning.

I get the water running nice and warm. I could tell Willie wasn’t exactly excited either because his tail was buried up his ass. I lathered him up and proceed to wash.  I won’t get into the gross details, but I ended up cutting away the poop infested hair. There really was no avoiding it because his hair got tangled tightly around his crap from me scrubbing with the baby wipes.  Good thing I had child safety scissors.

In the end, my dog got clean and his ass hairs trimmed… and I’m still tired.