Tone Freak Buff Puff Buffer Boost Pedal

tone freak buff puff buffer boost pedal

The Buff Puff™ guitar effects pedal resulted from the collaboration between David Friedman of Friedman Amplification and Tone Freak Effects™. Friedman has built racks, pedal boards and amps for esteemed clients such as Eddie Van Halen, Slash, The Offspring, Linkin Park, Tim Pierce and many more! Friedman has used the circuit of the Buff Puff™ in his custom pedal board interfaces and other custom work.

The Buff Puff™ is a high quality buffer and clean boost to give your guitar more volume. Placed in front of an amp, the Buff Puff ™ can clean boost your signal for solos or any other situation you need more volume. The buffer brings back the dynamics of your signal lost in a long signal chain of effects and guitar cords. The buffer is on all the time and you switch the clean boost on/off with the footswitch. The mini-toggle is used to fine tune the high-end "sheen" of the buffer.

Gain: Increase the gain or signal boost of the unit by turning the knob clockwise. Turning the knob counter clockwise will decrease the gain.  The Gain is turned on and off with the footswitch.

Power: 9V battery or a 2.1 mm center negative pin, AC-DC, 9V, 120VAC, 200 mA power adapter.

3-Way Mini-Toggle: You can fine tune the high-end ‘sheen’ of The BUFF PUFF ™ by switching the 3 different positions of the mini-toggle switch.  The Middle position is the brightest while the Right position is the darkest.  You will find the changes in high-end very subtle as the adjustment was meant for fine tuning of the high-end.