Tone Freak Valencia Overdrive Pedal

Tone freak VALENCIA overdrive pedal

Developed for my friend, Matt Valencia, the Valencia™ overdrive guitar effects pedal has the same heritage as the Abunai 2, but more classic sounding with less gain and possesses a mid-range that is prominent without being over bearing.

Users will find the tone control to have a more even sweep than the ones included on the classic overdrive pedals. This makes the tone control more usable since the settings are not so drastic when turning the knob.

And a Tone Freak guitar effects pedal would not be complete without a variable clipping section, switchable by the mini toggle. In the Valencia overdrive pedal, the clipping elements are the same silicon diodes but configured for symmetrical and asymmetrical clipping to create different sounding overdriven tones. With so much versatility, you can dial in a tone perfect for the gig or session.

And yes, Matt is a fan of the Ferrari F1 Formula racing team.

Drive: Increase the gain by turning the knob clockwise. Turning the knob counter clockwise will decrease the gain.
Tone: Turing the knob clockwise will increase the high end tone. Counter clockwise will decrease the high end and increase the low end tone.
Level: To increase the output volume, turn the knob clockwise. By turning the Level control counter clockwise, you will decrease the output volume. 

Power: 9V battery or a 2.1 mm center negative pin, AC-DC, 9V, 120VAC, 200 mA power adapter.

3-Way Mini-Toggle:
The Valencia™ has 3 different clipping sections. • Left position uses symmetrical clipping. • Right position engages the asymmetrical clipping. You will find this position to have a higher output volume from the Right position, so adjust your Level control to compensate. Asymmetrical clipping produces a more “classic” quality compared to the other two positions. • Middle position is also called the “diode lift” position. The Left and Right positions use diodes to clip the signal, but the Middle position doesn’t have any diodes, so the resulting tone is more “open” than the other two positions. NOTE: The Middle position has the highest output volume, so be careful when engaging this position.