Tone Freak MelloTremo Tremolo Pedal

tone freak mellotremo tremolo pedal

The tone from the MelloTremo™ guitar effects pedal can be best described as fat and warm. The waves have a very even and smooth character, resulting in a mellow tremolo effect great for chord work and single note lines.

The Depth control can give you a warble that skims just at the surface to one as deep as the ocean. Rate and Volume controls complete your ability to create a tremor with your guitar that suits the particular mood and style of your music.

In the forefront or as an effect that wanders in the background, you'll find the MelloTremo™ effects pedal has a musical nature that sits well in a mix on stage or in the studio.

Rate: Increase the rate of the tremolo by turning the knob clockwise. Turning the knob counter clockwise will decrease the gain.
Depth: Turing the knob clockwise will increase the depth. Counter clockwise will decrease the depth.  You will notice that as you increase the depth, the tremolo effect increase.  Decreasing the depth makes less noticeable.
Volume: To increase the output volume, turn the knob clockwise. By turning the volume control counter clockwise, you will decrease the output volume. 

Power: 9V battery or a 2.1 mm center negative pin, AC-DC, 9V, 120VAC, 200 mA power adapter.